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30 Days of Lists {Sept 30}


S14 List Header 30

  1. Halloween
  2. Getting the newsletter written and ready
  3. Scary storms coming tomorrow
  4. Headache
  5. Face pain (since I face-planted into the doorway earlier)
  6. Life
  7. Family
  8. Childishness of siblings

30 Days of Lists {Sept 29}

One of them is #healthy, the other has a very #wetcough but no #fever #sickness #fmsphotoaday #Walmart #checkout

S14 List Header 29

  1. Two beautiful, amazing kids. I’m so blessed.
  2. Graduated high school, because my freshman year, it looked unlikely.
  3. I rebuilt bridges that I thought that I had burned.
  4. I came back from the brink of madness. Though it was not a battle I waged alone, only I can could make the steps to make my life, my mental health, better

30 Days of Lists {Sept 28}


S14 List Header 28

  1. I’ll be 33.
  2. I’ll be 3/4 through the “Happy” year
  3. Closer to being the mother of a teenager
  4. No longer the mother of single-digit-aged children

30 Days of Lists {Sept 27}

Playing with #repix and #phonto. Picture is from yesterday morning before the #homecoming parade for #seamanvikings

S14 List Header 27

  1. My husband
  2. My children
  3. Friends
  4. Family
  5. Working internet
  6. Money to pay the bills
  7. Reliable transportation
  8. Medical, dental, and vision insurances

30 Days of Lists {Sept 26}

S14 List Header 26

  1. Don’t bother me if I’m reading.
  2. I’m going to be reading.
  3. If I say I’m going to puke, don’t go “Oh, you’ll be fine”
  4. When I have to pee, you KNOW it’s an emergency.
  5. Dramamine is a must.
  6. I’ll probably pass out because of it.
  7.  I don’t handle bridges at all.