Week in My Life {A Return}


So, I’m back to doing this. With all the computer issues I was having, I figured this would be good to come back to 😀

I’m not going ALL the way back, just doing this week!

I’m not going to show ALL the pictures, because Flickr is being quite douche-y and not linking correctly without me having to change each and every single time (which means it’s borked because it was working a few days ago! Sunday, we went to the local pool and park for a Boy Scouts day out. Last one for the summer!

This week, the kids went back to school, and I had to practically start fresh on my laptop. I lost ALL my programs, but thankfully, none of my files! An update for Windows borked out, and I got stuck in a weird loop that I can’t even begin to describe. Ugh!

#firstdayofschool #canonrebelxs
First day of school. I couldn’t get the Girl to stop posing, 😆

I promise we’re not sending him to prison, though it sure does look like we are, 😆

#firstdayofschool #canonrebelxs #magichourforme #magichour
I just love her face!

Edited with #Afterlight #selfie #alittlesweaty #icleaned #samsunggalaxys4 #ppp2android #ppp2filltheframe #bpcphonephotographyproject
for Android finally released, and I was a little too excited to play with it. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Afterlight, AfterFocus  Pro, , , and 😀

I forgot to mention above because, well, I use it so often, it’s like it’s not an app at all!

morning. I have to wake up early, and while I’m waiting on things to send, I can go out and look

So many updates. I have to do it in batches.
I had to install the updates in batches. It didn’t like trying to install nearly 130-something updates at once, and that was BEFORE Windows 8.1 was installed!

Flowers on Sunday. I need to make sure I go back in the Spring with all of my cameras 😀

Me and the girl #vscocam #familyday
at the pool with my girlie!

#familyday #sunday last pool day for the #summer #snapseed
Selfie at the pool with Ethan

At the pool. I’m actually IN the water with my Canon ELPH 130 IS, courtesy of a great waterproof housing!

This is the housing I have: Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Housing For Canon Powershot Digital Cameras



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