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As you might have read, if you follow me on ANY form of social media, I had major issues with my laptop in July. So bad that I had to buy a new battery for it, because it immediately started having issues a WEEK after my warranty on it expired. Then my charging port started having major issues (which might have been what killed my other battery). So, I wasn’t able to scrap as much as I usually do. I didn’t get my laptop back until the 1st of August. So, here’s a backlog of layouts!

My August signature. It was about how you spent/will spend the rest of your summer vacation. Yeah, I’m a reader 😀 That’s what I do.

Kit: I Love Reading by CathyK Designs
No template used

Cows at my father-in-law’s house. Some are his, some are owned by someone whom he rents his land to 😀

Kit: Bug Off by Connie Prince
Template: July Templatopia by Connie Prince×12-Temps-CU-Ok.html

Aquarium at the Omaha Zoo

Kit: Sharks! by Pretty in Green
Template: Peep Show by Connie Prince×12-Temps-CU-Ok.html

Shh! Kids are sleeping!

Kit: Tell Your Story- July by JB Studio and Neia Arantes (w/FWP)
Template: White Space by Connie Prince×12-Temps-CU-Ok.html

August Desktop! I was using these as my lockscreen on Windows 8, but I like it as a desktop again! 😀

Kit: Project 2014, August series by Connie Prince

My gorgeous baby girl, asleep. I can’t believe that she’s already 11 years old!

Kit: Be Yourself by Pretty in Green
Template: Slice of Life by Lissykay Designs

First day of school. You’ll see a lot of these sorts of layouts again!

Kit: Tell Your Story – August Collab by JB Studio and Neia Arantes
Template: Slice of Life by Lissykay Designs

I had originally planned on a different layout with this kit, but I couldn’t do it!

Kit: Gone Away by JB Studio
Template: June Template Challenge by Lissykay Designs

Color challenge. Black, white, grey, and a single color. 😀 I couldn’t resist this series!

Kit: {HUES} Beautifully Blue by Connie Prince
Template: Template Mix 7 by Pretty in Green



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