100 Happy Days – Completed

All 100 pictures (in randomized order)

Here are a few of my favorites!

I felt pretty today. Josh kept telling me so as well. #100happydays
Day 01: I felt SO good when I started this. There were days when I hated even thinking of something (and I wasn’t always on TIME with finishing) but I’m SO thankful I took the chance. I’m more convinced that my word for 2015 should be “” 😀

#day21 #100happydays #graduation in #lawrence and dressed up kiddos
Day 21: Shelby’s high school graduation. The kids were just too well-behaved 😀

#day22 #lastdayofschool #100happydays
Day 22: Last day of school. This was why I chose May 01 as my start date. I wanted to fully enjoy my kids’ summer vacation and this forced me to do it 😀

My parents are visiting #100happydays #day81
Day 81: My parents visited. They actually came HERE 😀

Baby Spike in human form #100happydays #day88
Day 88: let me play with hair chalk and he looked SO CUTE!

A bath. A moment to relax, all by myself #100happydays #day90
Day 90: I got to enjoy a bath. With a book. It was WONDERFUL.


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