A Small Celebration

I have a pair of shorts that I got about 6 years ago. They were a “little” lose when I got them (had to buy them a size larger because of my thighs). So, now?
They’re so big on me that I have to wear a belt. If not, I become one of those people whose pants are around their knees.

I didn’t realize but there’s nearly a 20lb difference between the day I bought those pants and today. There’s a 10lb difference between today and the time right before I got pregnant with Ethan (and they told me I needed to gain a minimum of 5lb before they’d consider me a “healthy” weight). I’m never going to be as small as I was before Madison, but that was a very unhealthy 90-95lb. 120-125? Not reaching 130 when I’m at my most bloated? I’ll take it!



Now I can celebrate in “style” with something delicious! I’m trying the Mang-o-rita by and it’s DELICIOUS! I HATE , but this doesn’t taste ANYTHING like . I thin it’s safe to call it more of a wine cooler than anything! It’s delicious!


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