Ready, Set, Square

Rachel designed this amazing series of boxes. It’s a kind of quickpage, but not exactly. She put it so much better than I could on Facebook:

When I saw them, I knew I had to play with them. As a member of her CT, I get to play with whatever I want, but even if I wasn’t a member, I’d definitely be buying this series!


This is just ONE layout I’ve done with it. I forsee using it for a LOT of things. I’ll continue using the Lissykay My Story series. But I’ll be using these for the “Day in My Life” or special days (like birthdays). And eventually, I’ll print out pages 😉

This layout was more of a test of how they would work. The pictures are from July 2012, during the kids’ swim lessons. 😀

Kit: Simply Summer by Connie Prince
Template-ish: Ready Squares by Pretty in Green


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7 June, 2014 · 2:58 pm