Week in My Life

Monday: May 19, 2014

may 19
was on all this week. He drove me nuts (not really) Open-mouthed smile

I played with an app called , and I’m loving on my case. I’ve gotten used to the size, though I’m still a shaky beast Laughing out loud 

Time to play some #simcity #waitingonupdates #takessodamnlong
Playing some offline mode! WOO!

He's busy surfing #googleearth #weirdo #photofy #photofyapp
That’s how we spend quality time … on our own computers Smile with tongue out

Josh took the kids for a . I had to make dinner and my phone was dead (it tracks my steps), so I didn’t go.

I did make him take the camera though Smile with tongue out

Tuesday: May 20, 2014

May 20
Last scout meeting of the “year” for Ethan. June, he officially begins his two years as a WEBLO, and August is the first meeting.

Me and the girlie this morning
Me and my goofy girl Open-mouthed smile

Cubbies! With their den leader!

That’s what happens when you hand your phone to your husband and have him take pictures with it, while you take pictures with your other camera. He accidentally takes selfies XD

Wolves of Pack 193
Goofball Wolves!

Scouting Siblings
My scouts! Open-mouthed smile

Getting his arrow points. 4 of them were earned with me! Open-mouthed smile

I French-braided my hair Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday: May 21, 2014

May 21
Last full day of the school year!

Last Wednesday | Last full day
I’m not even sure …

Last Wednesday | Last full day
His fake smile is fake Open-mouthed smile

We had a to go to that evening. They looked SO CUTE!

Thursday: May 22, 2014

May 22
Kids get out at 12:15. We never did make the Goodwill run! Surprised smile

Last Day of School
! Open-mouthed smile

Storms are rolling in!

#showusyourlockscreen #samsunggalaxys4 #mamakoala ##babykoala #foundongoogle
I changed my lock screen Open-mouthed smile

I’m addicted. I’m on level 62 now! Open-mouthed smile

-The Lazy One-

Friday: May 23, 2014

may 23
Traveling to , NE!

I always get the best looks from her Open-mouthed smile

Two states. Same spot. #iowa #nebraska #omahazoo #boyscouts
I saw two states. Actually, 3, if you think about it (since I came from Kansas, Rolling on the floor laughing)

That’s where we went!

Some of the animals we saw that night when we had the park to ourselves.

Our little group! There were 27 of us, kids and adults, in the group Open-mouthed smile

Saturday: May 24, 2014

may 24
Heading home and we’re ALL sore and exhausted!

He slept more on the floor than the mattress/float Rolling on the floor laughing

The pack!

More animals that we saw! Open-mouthed smile

#family #omahazoo #boyscouts #wornout.
We’re all tired Open-mouthed smile

Madi was more so Embarrassed smile

#home with a new #friend #ringtailedlemur
And I got a new friend Open-mouthed smile A Ring-Tailed Lemur!

Sunday: May 25, 2014

may 25
I barely moved. Like at all.

was still recovering from yesterday!


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