A Week in My Life + A Day In My Life

Thursday, I participated in “Day in My Life”, hosted by Allie Edwards, and I had a blast! When I remembered to take pictures! So, Thursday is going to be very much full of pictures. The rest of the week, not so much.

I missed last week, but I won’t go back and share that. Sorry if you are disappointed (though I doubt anyone is, Laughing out loud

Monday, May 05

May 05
Each morning (most anyways, during the school week), a few of the neighbor kids come over before school. Their parents have to be at work before 7am, and before school care doesn’t start until after 7. So, I watch them until it’s time to get on the bus. We’ve taken to watching movies. Nice way to go through our collection! Monday, we watched Pete’s Dragon (High-Flying Edition). The kids were quiet on this morning but that was because two of them were at their dad’s (they’re a blended family). 

towards the bus. It was LOVELY wearing some capris and flip flops! It was only just a little nippy!

First song I hear when I installed #iheartradio was @cntryfrydjulie's ringtone
I got the iHeartRadio app on my phone! Weird that there’s no radio on my phone. Oh well! First song I got was “My Best Friend” by . It’s mine and Julie’s mutual ringtones!

#100happydays I get to finally play some @thesimsofficial using @simsupply's world #AlunaIsland
Playing some The Sims 3. The world I’m playing is Aluna Island, by James of The Sim Supply!


Tuesday, May 06

May 06
No extra kids today! We just watched basic TV.

The compilation from hell. Or something!

#instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #android #topeka #ks #day #spring #clear #morning #ks
The future of the . Though, it did change. It is DEFINITELY not in the 90s right now (on Monday)

Flub. This is my struggle area. As you can see, my stomach area is stretched a little. 2 kids in less than 2 years really does that to you, I guess! That’s what I’m struggling with. The start of the indent/curve in area is where the top of my hip/pelvic bone rests. The part where it starts to curve back out, that’s where the bottom of ribs are. NOT my floating rib, mind you, but the connected ribs. That’s how short-waisted I am. REALLY makes losing and toning that area HARD!

And a random selfie. I like how it says a lot.

Using a tutorial by @annasaccone, I have clean makeup brushes and my kitchen smells like clean babies, a scent I don't get to have anymore.
I cleaned my brushes. I’m so proud of myself! Reminds me I need to clean the ones I used this week Open-mouthed smile


Wednesday, May 07

May 07 
Right around when the kids showed up!


Clear blue skies! Beautifully clear!Untitled
This beautiful girl! I can’t get enough of her!

#instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #android #topeka #ks #night #spring #clear #morning #ks
Sunset was so pretty! Open-mouthed smile


Thursday, May 08

May 08
time! Lots of pictures, though not as many as I’d planned.

Getting ready to head to the bus #dayinthelife
Morning! I think Winking smile

#storms are coming to #nwkansas this afternoon.  #dayinthelife
Playing with Rhonna Designs app and having a beautiful morning.

It might not be #coffeemonday but I'm in dire need #dayinthelife
A friend got confused. is my name for when I make . Basically, screw Starbuck’s, I’m making “

Watching some #flabaliki/@simsupply videos while waiting for caffeine to kick in. #dayinthelife
Watching some Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Let’s Plays on YouTube. Open-mouthed smile

At 1pm, I get to talk to my husband #dayinthelife
I got to talk to my amazing husband! Open-mouthed smile

This one is home from school #dayinthelife
My baby girl is home from school Open-mouthed smile

And this is happening #dayinthelife
Watches for the area. Yay? Nothing ever came of them!

#lounging while waiting for #dinner is cooking #housemd #netflix #laptop #zivatheshiba #dayinthelife
Chillaxing on the couch, watching some Netflix. I’ve found a love for Royal Pains.

#Dinner is served. Well, #secondhelpings #dayinthelife
Dinner! Some tilapia and pasta. It was SERIOUSLY delicious!

#working on the #gingerscraps #newsletter in bed #dayinthelife
Thursday nights means I have to write the newsletter. Open-mouthed smile

And it is #bedtime. Going to read on #kendallthekindle and wake up bright and early, hopefully #dayinthelife
Then I went to bed … early!


Friday, May 09

May 09
WEEKEND IS FINALLY UPON US! Not many pictures because JOSH WAS OFF!!

#gorgeous #sunset tonight

#icecream #mcpphotoaday
Mmm, ice cream!


Saturday, May 10

May 10
BUSY start to the Saturday. Madison bridged in Girl Scouts. She went from a Junior to a Cadette!

#goodmorning what happened to sleeping in? Its six-thirty in the morning #tooearly
EARLY start to my morning. I was awake before 6am Surprised smile Damn stupid alarms!

What? You don’t walk around with an initial on your head?

Madi and Her Leaders
Madi with her troop leader and her level leader! Love both these women!

The Best Leader in the WORLD
I had to have a solo with Madi and Becky! This woman is SERIOUSLY amazing! Red heart

Lounging around, watching videos! We tried to sync it up with the Wii, but it wouldn’t work!

She looks so sad and pathetic! She was just tired!

Clouds! Pretty clouds!



Sunday, May 11

May 11
Mother’s Day! I lounged in bed most of the day, then the rest of the day on the couch. It was wonderful!

My Mother’s Day flowers! Red rose


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