A Week in Pictures

This week, I started taking a LOT more pictures. Though some days did end up not having a lot Open-mouthed smile

Monday: April 21, 2014

April 21
Lazy Mondays. I’ll admit it, most of my days are pretty lazy.

Random .

Changed my lock screen since Easter was over. Open-mouthed smile

And my home screen as well.

Tuesday: April 22

April 22
Can you tell I’ve been hooked on House, MD? It’s a really good show, but I missed all the episodes, minus re-runs.

Random selfie. It was the week of the selfies, I swear!

Random pics of M&M’s, trying out an app.

Wednesday: April 23

April 23
The kids had a field trip to Manhattan, KS, to KSU.

3rd and 4th Grade competition group from the kids’ school Open-mouthed smile

113/365 [2014] - 3rd Place
5th and 6th Grade Music Memory 3rd Place WINNERS! Open-mouthed smile They did a wonderful job!

KSU. has declared that the kids are NOT allowed to go there. There was NO free parking areas AT ALL!

Sunset over the complex.

This was really good, though it smelled like Dimetapp.

Thursday: April 24

April 24
We watched Tinkerbell, the Pirate Fairy version. I didn’t realize it was the start of HOOK!

I don't care if it's a Christmas cup #coffee #kcups #keurig #greenmountain #caramelvanillacream #caramelmacchiato #internationaldelight
First cup of coffee in too long, but it was so good!

I compared cameras yesterday on my blog
I compared my cameras Open-mouthed smile

I now own 2 #ctfxc shirts but this one is bittersweet
My new t-shirt! It’s a CTFxC classic Open-mouthed smile

The problem with too many books #thatmomentwhen #textagram #amreading #kendallthekindle
Yeah, it totally happened to me!

Seriously! I love this purse!

Such a most comfortable way to relax.

Friday: April 25

April 25
It was a quiet morning, leading to a quiet day, followed up by a quiet night Send a kiss

My adorable Monkey-Faced boy Open-mouthed smile

#perfection this morning #mcpphotoaday #nofilter
Sunrise in the morning.

The bus cometh #atlast #cy365 #captureyour365
The bus has arrived!

#instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #android #topeka #ks #night #spring #clear #sunset #ks
And the sunset cometh!

Saturday: April 26

April 26
Just a lazy day at home. Doing science experiments.

I didn’t want to be awake. Why must Saturdays start so early?

Now to figure out mass flow rate. She's advanced. I didn't do that until high school physics. #sciencefair
Madi had to figure out mass-flow-rate. Open-mouthed smile

Caught the time at 3:33. So cool
I caught an awesome time.

Enjoying the little things while Josh and Ethan go to a bonfire for scouts. #fmsphotoaday
had a night out with Daddy and other Boy Scouts. Madi and I hung out at home. It was lovely!

Sunday: April 27

April 27
I spent the day in bed. Rain storms and thunderstorms left my brain in meltdown with incessant pain. Joints joined in on the fun.

Storms. Lots of storms. #instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #android #topeka #ks #day #spring #rain #afternoon #ks
Because this is how I want to spend my spring. *grumble* Lightning

#topeka #ks #day #spring #ks
Another new app. I kinda like it Mobile phone

After the rain …

Comes the hazy sunshine and crazy humidity.

And a project ready for school transport.


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