My Week in Pictures

MONDAY: April 07, 2014

Josh was off. We’d planned to go to the AT&T store and at least SEE if I can get a new phone. They were STUPID busy at 10am, when they’d opened, so we went to the mall and walked around a few places, to wait an hour or so, to see if it gets any less busy (the AT&T store).

April 07

097/365 [2014] - Last Pic With Inspire
Little did I know when I took this picture that it would be my LAST with my old phone, the HTC Inspire. The bathrooms at the mall are pretty dang spiffy and nice! I even got lucky to get a FRESHLY CLEANED toilet. Still had the blue water and seat up!

A little info on the outfit:
Jeans are Jordache’s from 2000. I’m going to have to retire them, because one of the belt loops is nearly ripped off and they’re worn out in the inner thigh.
Jacket is from Old Navy that I got last year.
Shirt (not seen) is the “Go Vlog Yourself” design from the CTFxC and DFTBA 😀
My awesome bag is the Think Geek Handbag of Holding that I got for Christmas

Well, the AT&T store was still jam-packed full of people, so going into there was out of the question. Josh was like “Well, want to go to Best Buy?” I was for it because I wanted to look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and that was the ONLY store that had it locally. So we went.

Imagine my glee and surprise when we get there. One, it was nearly empty. That’s always nice. Getting the Best Buy folks to yourself is always nice. But also, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was ON SALE for 99-cents more than what Walmart was selling it for! OH MY GOD. Josh goes “It’s up to you.” So, after holding and testing the feel of the $99.99 Zoom, I was like, ooh, I like this S4, and I got it.

I’m loving playing with it, especially the front-facing camera!

I also love how easy it is to make screenshots on it! WOOT! So gorgeous and easy! Please, note, that the background is completely different now (and has changed multiple times 😆 )

#rhonnadesigns #samsunggalaxys4 #sleepinghusband
I learned a few apps. This is the Rhonna Designs app in use (along with Instagram)

Then I had to show my daughter my front-facing camera. I didn’t realize until now, looking at the picture, how much she really does look like me! It’s AMAZING (and wonderful).

And Ethan and Josh. Of course I had to take pictures of those two wonderful guys!

I even did a video with it:

TUESDAY: April 08, 2014

Not as many pictures as Monday, but I still took a lot. I’ve been keeping my Facebook and Google + syncing very busy, that much is for sure 😉

April 08

We're just waiting for the bus time to come while watching Jackie Chan on Netflix. #loveher #aprildayinthelife #dayinthelife
Another fun app! A Beautiful Mess. I love how beautiful she is!

It’s SO BRIGHT in the morning! VERY bright!

And there goes the bus #aprildayinthelife #dayinthelife #instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #android #topeka #ks #day #winter #clouds #morning #cold #ks
And there go the kids, off to school!

Then I got an app called Paper Camera that does this. SO COOL! Different effects as well!

098/365 [2014] - Crazy Face
The stereotypical selfie from me. 😀

Sitting the same exact way!
The kids are sitting in the same exact position. It was weird when I noticed it!

No rain showers but I did take an actual shower #mcpphotoaday
And it’s not a camera of mine unless I take a picture of the shower 😀

And I did another vlog with my phone:

WEDNESDAY: April 09, 2014

Once again, not so many pictures. I don’t even remember why, 😆

April 09

I had a visitor. The video is uploaded to instagram. I’d actually load is somewhere, but their files are a weird format ONLY usable by them, pretty much :/

Seriously, this is like the bestest ice cream IN THE WORLD!

Random selfie with a slightly bloated belly area. 🙁

I’m sort of addicted to this game. I play it multiple times a day. I’m not ashamed of it either!I’m loving it!

Yes, I’m SO EXCITED to be able to use Spotify again. Especially now that I was able to buy “Somewhere Somehow” by We the Kings. My favorite song on the album is “Just Keep Breathing”! I love it! Red heart

THURSDAY: April 10, 2014

This day, I made a conscious effort to work out and start to get into shape. Today (the 14th), I’m not able to do much because of illness, but I’m actually HATING that I can’t! Anyways, I busted out the WiiFit and I’m so SURPRISED to see how the results were!

April 10

Nearly PERFECT center of balance.

I’m starting slow, but I’m still happy to be working out again.

After the work-out. See the shorts and strappy tank? I needed that to SURVIVE! It was getting HOT outside :O

Really need to do my toes but it is wonderful to be out in shorts.
I even went outside BAREFOOT while waiting for the kids’ bus 😀

100/365 [2014] - Bunny Ears
hahahahahaha I love this picture of them!

And this is my phone in her new adorable case. Her name is Milky Way (my husband’s suggestion) and she’s wearing Platinum Series Case with Holster in Purple. I don’t really use the holster, because it’s just awkward, but I love the case! It’s this dark purple, that reminds me of jewels 😀

FRIDAY: April 11, 2014

Another slow picture day. It’s the way it usually is. I take a crapton the day I get a camera (or phone) and then I slow down unless we’re doing something else.

April 11

Breakfast! YUM! Bagel and WHIPPED cream cheese. So much easier to spread and SO delicious!

I went for a 36-minute walk. Apparently, I walk between 3-5mph! That’s pretty good, right?

101/365 [2014] - Long Walk
I ended up passing out on the couch when I came home. I looked “wonderful” when I woke up, 😆

Ethan was excited that he got to watch Batman Beyond on Netflix on my laptop while his sister spent the night at a friend’s house!

Playing with apps and the front-facing camera 😀

And another game that I like. Sims Free Play! 😀

SATURDAY: April 12, 2014

I hadn’t planned on doing any workouts during the weekend, especially Saturday because Madi had Girl Scouts, but I ended up doing it anyway after she got home. It felt amazing!

April 12

WOO! Still the same exact center of balance. I think it’s always going to be that way!

They say that’s good, but I still want to be lower. At least with some curves and NOT a box!

102/365 [2014] - WiiFit Age
Wii Fit Plus says I’m only 24!

And I did 27 minutes of working out.

These are my goals. We’ll see how I do on it. I know my hips aren’t going to shrink. There’s barely any MEAT on my hips, 😆

SUNDAY: April 13, 2014

Sunday, Ethan ended up with either a stomach bug, or he just got too sick. Yuck!

April 13

Storm clouds on the horizon.

Not shown is the high that it was nearly 80F at the time! :O

My handsome husband! I Red heart him so much!

I redid my phone for Easter. I even have quacking notifications 😀

My adorable baby girl! I can’t believe in a couple months she’ll be ELEVEN!

And that was my week!


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