Daily Archives: 11 April, 2014


Long Naps and Long Walks

I don’t know. I took a long walk today (over 30 minutes) and it felt wonderful. I used Endomondo Sports Tracker to track my route (and time and distance). For the basic pedometer, I use Samsung Walking Mate, which is part of their Samsung Apps. I like it A LOT. If I had a Galaxy Gear, it would sync up to that. I don’t, so it doesn’t, 😆


But I came home and I passed out. Less than 5 hours a night of sleep is getting to me, and it’s getting to me bad. 🙁

The fact that I’m working out, though, and following through with other stuff, I think, is still pretty good. We’ll see how I get past day 02, since it is only day 02. 😀