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I’m taking part in a few Photo Challenges! Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day, MCP Photo a Day, and Capture Your 365. Plus, I’m doing the “Currently List” series for !

April 01
The Currently list for April 01! The list changes through-out the day, but this is a glimpse into my day! I passed out EARLY today for a LONG nap (two hours). The kids had their first ever dentist appointments and they went good. Madi is scheduled for an extraction of a baby tooth on May 01 (if it doesn’t fall out first), and then they’re getting sealants at the end of July. Wish us luck on that!

#focused #cy365 #captureyour365 #ethangregory #9yearsold
Focused … for Capture Your Life 365

We don't do #pranks so no #fools here #mcpphotoaday
Prank/Fool (MCP Photo a Day)… we don’t do April Fool’s, so there were no or fools! Though I did spot “foot twins” on Josh and Madison. It’s amazing how much alike they look!

Something #purple.. My shirt #fmsphotoaday
Purple for FMS Photo-a-day! My purple thermal shirt. I love this shirt!


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