P365: Week 11 & 12

071/365 [2014] - Delicious Ice Cream
Delicious yummy ice cream. I love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but most especially their cheesecake brownie!

072/365 [2014] - First Selfie With the New Camera
Selfie. Because I take a crapton of them.

073/365 [2014] - New Camera!
I finally got a new camera! A Canon Powershot ELPH 130 IS! <3

074/365 [2014] - Pyramid of White Chocolate
Pyramid of white chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups! Yum!

075/365 [2014] - Alone At Night
Sitting enjoying the evening of quiet before all hell breaks loose on ’s birthday.

076/365 [2014] - Ethan's 9th Birthday
Cupcakes for a little boy’s 9th birthday! On St. Patrick‘s Day.

077/365 [2014] - Day Out With Ethan
had a Girl Scouts‘ function, so Ethan and I had the day to ourselves. We went to Micheal’s, , and even had lunch at Spangles. He was thrilled to get an Oreo cookie sandwich!

078/365 [2014] - Face Out of Focus
Crappy selfie taken by me, LOL!

079/365 [2014] - Suzie Pooper
Madison took this wonderful shot of Susie!

080/365 [2014] - My Almost 11-Year-Old
My beautiful girl, enjoying a lazy day!

081/365 [2014] - Planning the WeekPlanning for the week!

082/365 [2014] - House I DesignedDesigning a house to actually play with in the Sims 3, in the world of Aluna Island 😀

083/365 [2014] - Random Snow Fall
We had farking SNOW. It didn’t stick long but ugh! I’m over winter!

084/365 [2014] - Nearly Forgot to Take ANY Pictures
And I nearly forgot to take a picture. This is my phone background. I need to change it up, but if I’m getting a new phone soon (two weeks, hopefully), what’s the point?


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