There was a Boy Scout hot dog roast/bonfire tonight and it was lovely. Some of the boys were a little rowdy, but the majority were well-behaved. It was a really good group of boys! I ate two hot dogs, 2 sets of nachos, a s’more and baked beans. I’m so freaking stuffed that I think my stomach might explode!


Haircuts also happened! 😀

I got a new and conditioner. I’ve used before. Mom used to get it and all the time. I used it once already and there is a huge difference in how my hair is already!

FINALLY found this movie at . Almost got The Outsiders, but Walmart has it cheaper. 10 Things I Hate About You is the movie that got me to love Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger both! 😀

I also got some small cardstock and envelopes. I have a friend that I plan on writing more letters and things to. I wanted a smaller envelope because it fits hybrid cards so much better 😀


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