Weekly Winners: Feb 16-22, 2014


All shots for the Weekly Winners meme were taken with a Canon Rebel XS or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. Project 365 pictures can be found in this set.

Still working on convincing that I need the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (which he’s 100% okay with :D) and the Canon PowerShot ELPH 330. Eventually, I’ll have them both. The phone is guaranteed, 😉 The camera is just a little slower 😉

047/365 [2014] - Blue and Gold
Ethan and Josh at the Blue and Gold Banquet for Boy Scouts!

From made-up to real life. Also, my nose really hurts #fakecry
I wore make-up that day, and my nose HATED me for it! A clogged pore on it got SO sore! And so DRY! It peeled in a SHEET!

I'm loving these #papermate #profile multicolored ballpoint pens!
Pens. I love these ballpoint pens! Papermate Profile in a multitude of colors!

048/365 [2014] - Journaling in the Planner
Handwritten journaling in my printable planner. Yeah, I know. Sappy, some of it! Also, it’s says “Skit and Song”, NOT Shit 😆

#sparkles like #magic #fmsphotoaday
I painted my nails. The glitter paint made the rest of my nail polish peel. Two fingers on my right hand is nearly completely bare of polish because of it.

Sun in the sky! 😀

Eff you #coxcommunications
I’m tired of the constant slow-downs, but unfortunately, I can’t switch providers. It’s really annoying!

Lounging around 😀

Migraine is back #sadface #fuckmylife also joints are ACHING! :'(
How I spend too many of my days.

Josh made a comment on my Facebook because of this picture: “Always put remotes where they will not be lost…”

Support for the team 😀 I swear, I bust out this hat all the time 😆


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