Project 365: Week 07

043/365 [2014] - Ice Hanging
Icicles hanging from the overhang at the apartment. They were so long, and the drips were causing major icing issues on the ground. Complex didn’t do anything about it!

044/365 [2014] - Heat Wave
*giggles* I love our local news station.

045/365 [2014] - Valentine's Day
’s Day. 😀

046/365 [2014] - Walking the Dog
was walking the dogs for our neighbor! They’re such good dogs!

047/365 [2014] - Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold Banquet! It was pretty good!

048/365 [2014] - Journaling in the Planner
Handwritten journaling on my planner 😀 We’ll see if I keep this up. I keep falling behind with it.

049/365 [2014] - Kids Watching Survivor Man
had a Union meeting for the NALC and the kids and I hung out! So love them (most of the time) 😀


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