Project 365: Week 06

036/365 [2014] - Cute Boy
Family, just lounging around. I love quiet family moments!

037/365 [2014] - Cutie Girl
Ethan had a Cub meeting to prepare for the , so Madi and I had the apartment alone 😀

038/365 [2014] - Watching and Working
Doing things. I am definitely a multi-tasker, and I am loving that I can watch full seasons via . Last week was Bones. I started Law and Order (SEASON 1!!) when I finished Bones.

039/365 [2014] - Lounging Around
Lazy Saturday. This one argued that she wasn’t tired, XD

040/365 [2014] - Snowing Again
Went to early to avoid the snow. It started falling an hour before they predicted! ACK!

041/365 [2014] - Painted Nails
I painted my nails. I love how long they’re getting. I used Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear and 24/7 by Sinful Colors.

042.365 [2014] - Chocolates Are Yum
I asked Josh for . He looked for white which is my total crack, but could only find these. That’s okay, I like milk too. I’m not a fan of the dark though. *gag*


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