Project 365: Week 05

029/365 [2014] - Lazing On the Couch
Lazy days are the best!

030/365 [2014] - Hybrid Card
Hybrid card I made for my sick little girl. She smiled when she saw it.

031/365 [2014] - Rice Krispie Treats
Girl Scout treats. Valentine’s Day themed, since there is only one meeting a month now.

032/365 [2014] - Treats for Girl Scouts
Here they are cut up and ready to go! 😀 They were enjoyed!

033/365 [2014] - Game Day Cup
Even if they didn’t make the Superbowl, I celebrated with my Colts cup!

034/365 [2014] - Fuzzy Warm Hands
I got myself some fingerless gloves!!

035/365 [2014] - White Out
This was an unpleasant addition to the start of the month. I am so over the snow! We got 13″!


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