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Making Music

039/366 [2012] - Not Enough Love

039/366 [2012] – Not Enough Love (Photo credit: Sarah @ TM2TS)

My daughter is really into music. She loves to play with the casio ctk 7000 at musicians friend every time we go into a place like Best Buy. She probably picked that up from her father. I’m not like that. I like listening to music, but I don’t have any real desire to learn how to play an instrument.

Life to me, isn’t about learning everything. I have things I want to learn and master. I want to do all the maths. I’m a nerd like that. I want to learn to speak German better (and more consistently). I love that language.

But I’m lazy. I’m going to admit that. I’m not going to rush out and attempt to learn it. But I can think about it.