Face Reflection

017.365 [2014] - Face Reflection

Because of a friend of mine, I joined . They do challenges to help you get your daily photos for the project. One of them is the Tag Challenge. Basically, you go to the tag page, and randomly choose two tags. I got “” and “”. I ended up with some cool pictures, using my integrated laptop .


I don’t always take the best pictures! 😀 But I’m still thrilled with how they turned out, even if it’s only a 3mp or so camera on the webcam. I don’t know how they’d turn out if I’d have done them with my 1080p Logitech, but I’m still proud of it! You do with what you have!

As you can see, I did pull out the DSLR. My XS, though, didn’t have the best lens for getting the wider shot that I needed 🙁


There’s just too much blow-out for the lens, I think. But, hey, I still like how the shots turned out!


And this one has to be one of my favorites. Just because the face! It’s totally how my face usually ends up going! 😀


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