Project 365: Week 02

008.365 [2014] - Migraine Killed All Inspiration
I ended up with a NASTY freaking ! Oh god, it was SO bad! I haven’t had one that bad since was about 2 years old!

009.365 [2014] - Bit By Flour Bag
I was making something with flour, and I ended up getting a bag on my finger! OUCH!

010.365 [2014] - Lounging
Lazing around is sometimes good for the soul!

011.365 [2014] - Crazy Face
’s face! Oh god! It’s too funny! Something ended up having a bad after-taste.

012.365 [2014] - Selfie
… I think I wore make-up ๐Ÿ˜†

013.365 [2013] - Heading to Sam's Club
I went out with teh Husband Guy! It was nice-ish!

014/365 [2014] - Semi-Successful Dinner
wasn’t completely successful but it was still very good!


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