Project Life: Week 01


First Week is completed!!

Here are the layouts in larger size (with their credits).


Template: Life Inspired Templates by Pretty in Green

!Paul Maul
KG A Thousand Years
KG By the Grace of God
KG Eyes Wide Open

Save the Date by Kathy Winters [anything not listed]
Use the Force by Pretty in Green & Blue Heart Scraps [Staple]
Yep, That’s Life Stamps Bundle by Darcy Baldwin [Snowy, camera, *hrt* food]

The week started out normal. Nothing big happening. I started a new Project 365. I’m excited to see how this one turns out. I also decided to take part in Project Selfie. That means 52 weeks of self portraits, one each week. I’m going to take them each Wednesday! There was also a suprise with the scale. I saw below 125, which I haven’t seen since, well, I really can’t remember.. It was actually 121.8. That was insane to see. Not as insane as the weather. I’m so excited to see how this year goes! Bring on 2014! BOOYAH!

Template: Life Inspired, Series 3 by Pretty in Green

KG This Is Not Goodbye

Save the Date by Kathy Winters (anything not listed)
This Year/Week by Pretty in Green [Our Life This Week]
Yep, That’s Life Stamps Bundle by Darcy Baldwin [WOW!]
Tucked Inside a Book by B2N2 Scraps and Chere Kaye Designs [ebook reader]
Tea Time by Aprilisa Designs [tea bag and tea time WA]

Sunday, we had planned to go grocery shopping, but it was cold and it had snowed. I’m over the snow! It’s getting annoying! We spent the day bundled in PJs. Madison took the opportunity to finish a book on her Kindle! The kids were excited to see that school was cancelled, but could have done without it being so cold! We’re all over the cold!
Monday, the kids didn’t have school! I cleaned off the coffee table, finally! It so needed it! I was able to once again light a candle on the coffee table without worrying about things burning! But it was SO COLD! Yuck!
Tuesday, Josh had off. Car repair that annoyed us, and grocery shopping. Oh, and I got new jeans! YAY! I needed a replacement pair!



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