December Daily: Day 04

HI! It’s WEDNESDAY! It’s been a pretty decent day. Cold snap is hitting us. After mid-60s yesterday, we hit our high when the kids went to the bus at 8:30am. Yeah, that’s crazy! And cold!

Josh was off, so we did a tag video together!

Today’s theme for the layout (well, I’m doing layouts) was “Cookies“. I had to bake some. Not because I actually had to, but because dang it, I had a craving. Today was also “Cookie Day” so, yeah, it was PERFECT timing! Yum!

Template: Seatrout Scraps
Kit: A Little Christmas Whimsy by B2N2 Scraps

#backlit #sortof me and my husband! #pl365 #projectlife365 #projectlife2013 #project_life
“Backlit” for Project Life: 365. It’s not completely back-lit, but there was a light source BEHIND the curtain! 😀

In front of me... #laptop #zivatheshiba #digiscrap #gingerscraps #template #challege
“In front of you” for Capture Your 365. My laptop screen! 😀 Scrapping at it’s finest!

#fmsphotoaday #tiny #dwarf goes up against a #ColossalRedDragon #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #minis
“Tiny” for Photo a Day! Josh suggested this one! A tiny dwarf is trying to defeat a colossal red dragon!


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4 December, 2013 · 10:41 pm

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