December Daily: Day 01

I’m taking part in a variety of “daily” projects for . , Capture Your 365, FMS , and one at Trixie Scraps, called “Merry Memories 2013“. I’m also doing “Vlogmas”, which is daily vlogging! I think I might be just a little insane! Yeah, insanity is what is taking me over! WISH ME LUCK!!

The prompt for Merry Memories was “Lists”. I’ve spent the past couple of days in new shirts from my mom, and that inspired this layout for the prompt:

Kit: This is Me by CathyK
Template: Pretty in Green
Font: Are You Serious

I also did it for the at Gingerscraps, so WOO!! Double-duty! I do have a slight obsession with all things . The list? Doesn’t even encompass all of the things that I have. And probably not all that I will get, because I know my mom. She has an addiction to sending me stuff!!

#you_today #pl365 #projectlife365 #projectlife2013 #project_life #selfie #selfportait #dork #Colts #coltstrong #nfl #target #earlybirthday
For Project Life 365: You Today. This is the theme each and every first day of the month, and I have to say I like it! You’re guaranteed one a month! Everyone needs to embrace their inner beauty and let it shine through. Me? I embraced the “Good Boob Day” that I was having, and how the shirt made me feel!

#red #TylerElf #elfontheshelf #fmsphotoaday
Red was the theme. I kind of couldn’t resist Tyler the Elf in his very red outfit! Today, he was spotted listening to Josh’s MP3 player that he doesn’t really use that often. He was cuddled between my Colts votives (battery-powered) and my Colts Santa. I told you! I have an obsession!

I #collect #Colts stuff. #thanksmom #coltstrong #nfl #TylerElf
Collect was the theme for . I collect Colts-related gear and items! 😀

And today’s vlog! My November favorites!


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