Review: A Night in the Palace

A Night in the Palace
A Night in the Palace by Carole Mortimer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Chapter 4, and he has announced he’s keeping her hostage, basically, until her brother returns his sister … whom the brother eloped with … did you follow that?”

Yeah, that described the whole book in a sentence. Oh, and they fell in love. Of course they did. In two days.

I’m not saying that true love/love like that doesn’t happen, but two days? And he’s chasing around the world for her? That just doesn’t seem true.

“I have never seen hair quite this colour before. Like sunlight caught in moonbeams.”
I love the descriptions though.

So, the story was good, but it was the same thing. Yes, I know. I’m a romance novel. A Harlequin Presents at that, but I would LOVE a story that is more unique, not the same formula over and over!

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