Week in the Life: Friday & Saturday

Adventuroo WIML fri 13 was stressful, just because I had another sinus headache. It’s that time of year. I’m used to them. Untitled Fridays, I wake up and send the newsletter. I was up earlier than I was before, but it still felt like I could sleep for days! Untitled That’s the time I was awake, minus a half hour. My husband has his clock set faster, so he gets up on time. Untitled And the last picture for the day. We all spent most of the day stuck in PJs and it was wonderful! Adventuroo WIML sat 13 It was another lazy day, but hey, I got out of the bedroom before noon! I had the dishes done, twice. I even made a nice , but I forgot to take pictures of it! Untitled Madi caught a case of the Crazy Hair. It’s hilarious! Untitled At 11am, decided he was starving. Then he decided he was over eating sandwiches the right way. Untitled And this was my reaction to the day. I am just over it.


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