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Well, ended up a little better. Morning was stressed to the MAX. Today, the blog post is late because I woke up with a wicked headache. Air pressure change caused it. 🙁

was off today, for his scheduled day off. I’m missing his working 6-days a week. I love having him home, but the OT was seriously nice. Now that it’s completely gone, I’ve been looking into working and NO ONE is willing to hire someone who hasn’t worked in 11 years because she had kids, and the smart financial decision was for her to stay home. They also want someone who’ll be a


It wasn’t until around almost noon when I realized I hadn’t eaten a thing. So, I peeled and sliced myself up a cucumber. Yum!


Still without a dryer, but we had a call in for a repair technician. He told us that he’d be at the apartment no later than morning but could be there that afternoon, depending on how things went. Already, I like this repair place. The place we used for the had a 2-week waiting period, just to get it looked at.


I kept looking outside, worried that my baby might start leaking again. Thus far, she hadn’t. She had a whole DROP of oil but that was old oil (even I know what old oil looks like). The silver beauty is my husband’s car. So, we have a gas-efficient vehicle, and a beast that just rolled over 130k in miles (it’s an ‘01. We bought it in 2008, with 108k miles :D).


So, we cleaned up the laundry room area, and in doing so, we found 3 bags worth of stuff that needed to be taken to Goodwill. One whole bag was coats. Three for an adult male, and one each for a child in either sex. So, that was good!


When we got home, Josh wanted to clean off the desk. So, this was the organization of what was going to go where. And may I say that I love that my purse? I had a similar one before, but it got liquid spilled it in (my son, actually), so I had to replace it. This one has two pockets in the front that can hold a cellphone of any size. I love it!


We did a half-load of laundry. The kids and I both really needed jeans. We have shirts. We have undies and socks (and bras), but dang it, jeans are a hot commodity that we run out of fast. So, I washed them, and then ran them through the drain and spin cycle 1.5 times.


This was taken after Josh got a call-back from the appliance repair company. He was up near the high school, and if we were available, he could come and take a look. I felt, and I’m not kidding, like someone had wrapped their arms around me and said “it’s going to be okay”. I just felt this overwhelming sense of peace when the phone rang. It was disorienting. I told Josh, and he told me “It was Jerry, looking out for you.” Jerry is my grandfather, who passed away a little over a month ago. Needless to say, him saying that made me start to cry. I needed that cry though. Stressful bunch of days!


The company we called was Dynamic Appliance, in NW Topeka. He figured out what caused the problem: an UNDERWIRE from a bra. Ugh! I even found exactly which bra it happened to, so it had just happened on , when it had all went down. A spark, though, fried the motor. Actually the motor still worked, the centrifugal actuator, (shuts off the heating element, part of motor) got fried. So, he ordered the part, and he’ll be able to do it , or at the latest (his business partner is taking the day off , so he’ll be the only working that day). But, we’re officially scheduled for Monday! YAY! By the end of the day Monday, I’ll have a working dryer again! <3


The time came to wait for the kids to get off the bus. When they got home, we almost immediately took off for Kmart and Walmart. Kids need Halloween costumes!!


Madison picked out this. She’s going more as “Snow White” from “Once Upon a Time”, though she has more of Mary Margaret’s hairstyle and not Snow’s, but that’s okay!


This was about the only option for Ethan. It was all wrestling, zombie, or army-related. None of them really fit him.


Then we went to Walmart. Since Ethan needed a potty break (I swear, we can’t walk past the bathrooms without him needing to go, 😆 ), Madi and I looked at shoes. I took a few pictures of her favorites, so that my mom would know which ones she liked. She’s got great taste, I would say!


We also got a couple lingerie bags. No more risk of my bras ending up in the dryer. 😀


Picked up some pasta sauce and spaghetti for .


I also ready had ground turkey thawing.


I also got a snack. Pringles tend to last longer than any bags of chips. There might be less for the price, but I swear, I can make them last longer!


Madison is our creative child. She writes and draws all the time!


It got COLD in the apartment, so Josh had to bundle up. He had a point when he said that we spent enough on the blankets, and that we needed to use them!


Madi cuddled in her bed reading a book. I’m not sure what book she was reading, but I’m pretty sure one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kids ones!


Ethan was reading his “Boy’s Life” magazine that he gets through the Scouts!


Our supplies for the laundry. Cut off in the corner is the Pods. I prefer Tide Pods over the Tide liquid, simply because it’s easier. The kids can do their own laundry!

Then I recorded this video, edited it, rendered it, and waited the hour and fifteen minutes for it to upload. Ugh. Then I got the message “this is taking longer to process than expected …” I hate that message.So, I left it alone, turned off the laptop, and went to .


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