Week in My Life: Tuesday

Adventuroo WIML tues 13

I’m really late in posting this. Today felt like another Monday, with the hectic stressfulness (which I’ll explain in full tomorrow).

But, onto how went.

Around 6am: Josh called Yinglings and left a voicemail. He was so frustrated, he ended it with “um, yeah”. Poor guy.

Around 7am: awoke, and we had to rinse off her concoction that was the result of us attempting (and thus far succeeding) from the spread of … well, I’ll just say she reeked of tea tree oil, and then coconut-oil based shampoo.

Going to have company today. Keeping her home to be on the safe side #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2013 #weekinmylife #wiml

This was how thrilled she was with me. I’m so thankful that she got her hair cut the previous week, or this mess would be SO much harder!


This gif was made by Google+ when my phone automatically synced them. It was when they were towing away my truck to take it to Yinglings. If you look closely, you can see puddle of transmission fluid 🙁


8:20am: I head to the bus with , and Madison stays behind. Flash was bright.


This was the view I had while waiting for the bus. I love it!


The day just wasn’t going that great. We did get an update on the truck. It was some loose bolts that hadn’t been tightened enough. So, this picture was because I had to actually dress.


After we came back with the truck, Madison got to play some Sims 3. She told me “I like the stuff that came with Midnight Hollow, but I don’t like how dark it is” so she played in Isla Paradiso 😀


After the game crashed on her twice, she got fed up and decided that Netflix would be a better situation.


I caught up on Once Upon a Time from Sunday on the laptop (god bless ABC.com for having it available), while she watched . She got bored and eventually switched to Too Cute. She loves the puppies and kittens.


I remembered that I had oatmeal that I needed to eat. It’s a “weight control” version that keeps you fuller longer, without needing to eat so much. The flavor was “Banana Bread” and oh god, it tasted just like banana bread! So good!!


We had parent-teacher conferences, and I thought I’d make some treats for the teachers. They work so hard and don’t get the respect they deserve (IMO). We then proceeded to forget them in the fridge. Guess the kids will have snacks for later.

We got good news on the kids, though. Ethan is in the upper 90th-percentile for reading and math. Madison is in the 90th-percentile for math, but lower for reading. It’s simply because she reads too fast and doesn’t always remember what she reads. I had the same problem growing up, and I had to train myself on how to retain more of what I read, because I can’t slow down how fast I read.


After we got back, the kids went to bed. We’d stopped at Home Depot and picked up a spare cord for the . It didn’t help, but hey, we have a spare. (we do know what’s wrong now, and I’ll explain tomorrow :D). Josh relaxed a bit while surfing on his phone. I always find it hilarious that he will use his phone for Facebook and things, while he’s sitting right at the computer desk.


Then we watched some movies together. Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III. The day ended on a high note and it was nice. Needed that high note!


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