Week in My Life: Monday

Adventuroo WIML mon 13

Monday was a , pathetic, ball of a mess.

The Worst of the Day: (a) Dryer shorted out; (b) Truck sprung a new leak; (c) got lice !
The Best of the Day: I didn’t kill anyone. I had the dishes done before maintenance showed up to check and make sure the circuit breaker wasn’t what was causing the problem with the dryer.

Things I Noticed: Food doesn’t interest me when I’m out.
Last Year’s Post:

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up completely!

and now … on to the pictures!

I need to paint my , but I’m so THRILLED with how long they’re getting. The ones on my right hand are a lot shorter, since I am right-handed.

This pile of needs to be finished.

But it won’t be happening soon. Unfortunately, our dryer shorted out! 🙁

A snack.

My only non-phone camera, since I sent my P&S for a dunking last month.

and that’s the end of the pictures because … well stressed out meant I didn’t want to take ANY pictures. 🙁

I had to do a few firsts though. I had to call the school and have them hold Madison because I couldn’t get her at 5, because of the truck. Ugh. That wasn’t a fun conversation at all!


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5 responses to “Week in My Life: Monday

  1. I’m so sorry that Monday attacked you. House repairs, car repairs, all that stuff sucks! Here’s to a better Tuesday. Or at least Wednesday.
    MJ recently posted..A day in my life.My Profile

  2. So funny that you yawned in the middle of your video– I’m tired today too and definitely have a case of the Mondays! Hope the dryer issue gets fixed soon- no fun!
    Melissa {adventuroo} recently posted..Week In My Life 2013: MondayMy Profile

    • Part of the yawning was my sleep aid. I had to take it because of a wicked stress headache.
      We are going to call a repair place in the morning for the dryer.

  3. Sorry to hear that your week started out so rough. It seems like there is always laundry to be done, and having no dryer certainly doesn’t help! Hoping the other days go better for you.
    Jendi recently posted..Boxes Everywhere! – Week In My Life #WIMLMy Profile