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NaNoWriMo Fiction Writing Notes

There were more but I didn’t get them all because I was too busy actively listening!

Writing Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to let the story take you where it will.
  • Microsoft OneNote for characters
  • Writing about people you know leaves you with preconceived notions which writes you into a corner.
  • It’s easier to write with a vague start (for a character)
  • Listen in on conversations
  • Let the characters be chatty
  • Let the universe be your co-author – Chris Baty
  • Silence does not help your word count.
  • You have to leave some things said sometimes.
  • Think some aspects in advance, even if you’re pantsing.
  • World Building:
    • Where/what it’s like compared to Earth
    • Time period
    • Society
    • Races
    • Ethnicities
    • Religions
    • Cultures
    • Politics
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Currency
  • It’s not about the writer completely. It’s about the reader.
  • Know your secondary characters as well as your main characters.
  • Practice, practice, practice