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31 Days [Catch-up]–Digi-Scrapping

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31 Days [Catch-Up]–NaNoWriMo

02: Why NaNoWriMo?

I do NaNoWriMo because if I didn’t, the characters in my head would take over and drive me crazy. Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote a short story, found in the In Other Worlds book, and it basically gave her idea of what happened to characters who weren’t written.

Knightly Dreams is a story I conceived on the way back from New Orleans. It’s how I see the publishing world and what happens to characters when a writer gives up and stops writing them. It’s a quirky little piece that relates to nothing else I’ve written.

To me, that’s how I feel. I have dreams of being published, but I never sit down and write. During NaNo, I have an excuse to do it. I have an obligation to myself. I have a whole group (besides friends and family) to support me in my goals. I love the sense of fulfillment that I get when I finish that 50k!

03: Create Your Like-Lists

  • Romance. I love romance. Even if it’s subtle.
  • A little drama. Too much and I’m like “eff this” and I’ll walk away from the book.
  • A good flow to the story. Too fast, and it’s over too soon. It’s hard to get into a fast-paced book. It’s also hard to get into a slow-paced book. It’s hard to find that happy medium, though

04: Ways of Writing:

I’ve done the full-on planning, complete with a sort-of outline. I’ve done the fly by the seat of your pants, like Chris Baty suggests. I’ve won with both, but the first one? I was forcing myself to write by the end. I hit 25k in less than 2 weeks, which was awesome, but the rest of the time just dragged on. The second one, I couldn’t keep a plot going. It was a jumbled jumpy mess!

This year, I’m doing a sort-of plan. I’m going to iron out my characters. For the most part. I’m going to do some research on better writing styles. But I’m not going to over-stress on it. I’m going to go with the flow, and maybe force the flow.

31 Days [Catch-Up]–Documenting the Everyday

Day 02: Right Now


Well, this was right then that day. It was a gloomy morning getting gas for my Blazer 😀

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31 Days [Catch-Up]–Story of Your Family

02: Roots of The Family

My family, as far as I know, is more German than anything. So much so that, yeah, I picked up German in high school and I swear, it was so easy to learn.

There’s also Irish, English, and a smattering of Polish and a few others in me as well. Basically, I can get very easily pissed off, I have weird hair colors, and I can speak a smattering of German. 😀

03: What’s in a Name

My last name is Burkett, and this is apparently the meaning:

English: from an Old English personal name, Burgheard, composed of the elements burh, burg ‘fort’ (see Burke) + heard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’. The name was reintroduced into Middle English by the Normans in the forms Bou(r)chart, Bocard. In the form Burkhard it was a very popular medieval German name. There has been considerable confusion between this English surname and Birkett.Perhaps also a variant of German Burkhart.

04: How Your Family Began

I’ll be honest. I have no flipping clue how my family began. My dad and the DNA donor are no longer together (for the betterment of all involved, especially the children). I don’t really want to know.