Week in the Life – Friday


There isn’t much for . Usually it’s a bit of a hopping day, waking up early to send stuff for , the digital scrapbooking forum I work for. But, I woke up yesterday seriously not feeling good. I have sinus issues and that was causing problems up top. I have IBS, and that was flaring up, and causing me issues there. So, I spent a good portion of the day passed out, quite literally, on the couch. I was just exhausted and worn out completely. 🙁 Not a good way to spend the day. I only took like 13 pictures all day. That’s abnormal for me, for the most part. Especially when I’m doing things like this.

And today’s blog is super late going up because today my son had a Boy Scout thing selling popcorn (hey, if you want to buy some, let me know. I’m totally serious! :D). But, the post is here! Enjoy!

This is what I wake up to each Friday. I have to send the newsletter, post a forum post, and make sure the blog post all goes live at Gingerscraps. Missi takes care of the store front.

I get to do it from the comfort of my bed, at least the first hour of it. If there’s no school, second hour as well. I’m usually up and at ’em by the third hour (it sends 100 every 3600 seconds).

The sky, as we’re waiting for the bus. Seriously, GORGEOUS shot! (IMO)

I told you. I slept for the rest of the day, for the most part. Time to get the kids from the bus. Or at least wait for it to come.

I took a shower to see if that helped me feel better. It most definitely did. It was wonderful. Still didn’t feel 100%, but I felt more human. After the kids’ had come in, I almost immediately sat back down on the couch and just vegged a little. I didn’t get any pictures of homework. All I can say is that Ethan is not enjoying the near daily homework (mostly A-Math)

This isn’t a homework. Madison is a drawing and writing machine. She definitely takes after me in that aspect. She’s planning on doing NaNoWriMo with me this year, too. She’ll be doing the Junior version, of course.

My sweet little boy. It took several shots to get this face in focus. Camera forced me to go into manual mode.

And then I played some Sims 3. After that, I did exactly what this now a toddler is doing in this screenshot 😛



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  1. Oh dear. Looks like you’ve been unwell too! Hope you managed to recover now. Take care!
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