Week in the Life [Wednesday]


Yesterday was 9/11, the twelfth anniversary of the falling of two buildings (well, more fell, but you know the drift), heroes crashed a plane into a field, and a military post was hit (or something. Trying to figure out a way to NOT say Pentagon, but I failed.

Before school, the kids watched a little of the original live coverage on MSNBC. Madison was horrified, and Ethan was full of questions, as usual. We gave them the story of where we were, how we felt, all of that. This is the first year that they really understand what it means, what happened, and why they have so much focus on it.

My husband was also off for a scheduled day off (USPS carriers have rotating days off), so we had a bit of a date day, without the actual date, :lol:.

Now, on to the actual pictures!

The kids saw the second plane hit in “real time” and Madi was appalled.

She kept that face for awhile through-out the whole thing.

After the kids were off to school, I showered (boy did I need it). I decided to take care of the brows and the other areas where hair grows and I don’t want to deal with it. Waxing leaves my face so red for so long, so I use the hair removing creams. This one is created by Olay, and is really good!

The Malibu needed an oil change. Josh would do it himself, like he does my Blazer, but the car is still under warranty, and he doesn’t want to risk screwing up.

While the car was getting worked on, we went to Target. I want all the games from TableTop!

We also went to Toys R Us. I found the Cityville Invasion stuff, but those were the only two that I could find, and neither were what Ethan’s been wanting. Oh well. Kre-o fail!

While we were at Toys R Us, Josh got the call that the car was ready. That was fast!! So, off we left (after buying a couple things at TRU).

I’m back in the driver’s seat (I willingly gave it up!). I felt pretty all day. Like seriously pretty!

Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway. If you don’t know Star Trek

We also picked up some Lego Series 11 for the kids. I squee’d so loudly when I saw the elf. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Now I (haha, I) need the gingerbread man, and I’m a happy camper. Madison was thrilled to see the grandma, but she wants the female scientist so badly.

Hoping the storms come soon. We need the rain. #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2013 #weekinthelifewednesday
Waiting for the bus. It was STICKY. Icky sticky. Had to tell Josh “In or out. Make a decision.” He kept going in πŸ˜†

Kids got right to homework. Madison goes “I have social studies. Ugh.” πŸ˜†

Ethan got a note from his teacher concerning his. He always asks for help, and she turns it around to make him explain it. He knows it but he wants to hear that he knows it right. He’s always been like that.

He had homework helpers.

Madison put hers in her room. There are pictures of it, but I so prefer the other stuff she makes with her Lego Friends building sets.

After a day of sweating, my skin looks awful. You can see where the make-up rubbed away. Then again, I did bawl like a baby watching a video about soldiers returning from war.

I asked him to smile. This was the result. Jerk πŸ˜›

The lines were caused from the flash flashing against the blinds. I think it turned out freaking COOL!

Dinner drink. I don’t drink often (though I swear, if you read my blog, it looks like I do it a lot more than I actually do).

This was dinner. Prego Bacon alfredo sauce with wacky mac pasta, and baked boneless pork chops sliced up and added in. It turned out really good!!

Bedtime PJs. I walk around outside in this, :lol:. I don’t even care. It was comfortable!

I didn’t want to reach over for the table (I’d spill), so I stuck the bottle in my purse to keep it upright. What? You don’t do that?

After I washed my face, a spot kept bleeding. So, to prevent it from bleeding while I sleep, I put on a band-aid.

Number of Pictures: 52 pictures (mix of cell and DSLR)

Best moment of Wednesday: I got to chat up my neighbors. I then realized that I knew the names of all of my neighbors in my building, and even a few in some others. I’ve lived here for 8 years, and this is the first time.
Worst moment of Wednesday: I found out that another neighbor is back with her crazy ex (or is at least allowing him to come over more often). This doesn’t mean anything but bad news.



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  1. great day of pictures! i love the star trek lego figures…they are awesome!
    cindy recently posted..week in the life | 9/11, Wednesday…My Profile

  2. You did such a good job with your photos today. So many awesome details!

  3. Loving your Lego collection! Makes me wish we had more now. πŸ™‚ Also enjoying your day-to-day stories. Almost as if we were just sitting next to each other, chatting. Wondering if I am “hearing” your voice correctly in my head now. πŸ™‚
    Shai Coggins recently posted..Week In The Life 2013: Thursday (Day 4)My Profile