Week in the Life [Monday]

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Welcome to Tuesday’s recap of ! My husband asked me last night if I did stuff, just so that I’d have pictures to take. I had to answer him honestly: Yes, yes I did! I don’t care how that sounds. It’s the truth!

First, I want to say that I have 145 pictures for Monday. No, I’m not going to share them all. A lot of them are duplicates and triplicates because I was trying to get the best shot. I don’t have my page done yet (I haven’t even started but I’ll have either later today, in a separate blog post, or I’ll have it on Tuesday’s blog post).

The Best Thing About Monday: I got almost all of the done.
The Worst Thing About Monday: In the process of doing laundry, I dropped my favorite (my Point-and-shoot) into the washer. It’s heartbreaking. The camera is working, for the most part, but the lens is gone. 🙁

First picture of the day. My handsome husband on his way to work. No matter how much pretreater we use, he still has those spots there on all of his shirts. So, we’ve given up. It’s because of how his satchel rides when he’s carrying the mail. Also, have you SEEN how dirty mail can be. Eww!!

So, I’m up, I’m awake. As the look says, you’re pretty much lucky that I’m out of the bed, :lol:. I’m not a morning person. I’ve never been one.

So, I decided maybe taking a shower will wake me up some. I needed to shave the hairies off anyways!

Nearly exactly 20 minutes long. Just a few seconds over. That’s a pretty good time, I think!!

My pretty A3400IS that took a dunk in the . I love her. She’s so pretty. I’m hoping that if I leave it in the rice for a few more days, the lens might dry out. We’ll see.

The kiddos on their way to school. They started the 17th of August, so this is old news to them. I have no idea why Ethan always looks so uncomfortable, 😆

My view from the bus stop. The building is mine, the one I’m looking at. The red Trailblazer with the flipflops on the backseat window? That’s mine. I love my truck. She’s a sweetie. Yes, most of the electronics and vehicles are female to me. 😀

And then, fifteen or so minutes after the kids are off to school, the beauty hits the water. Please, keep my camera in your thoughts. I mean, I wouldn’t MIND a new camera (I’m looking at the Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS 16.1 MP Wi-Fi Enabled CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Zoom 24mm Wide-Angle Lens with 1080p Full HD Video and 3.2-Inch Touch Panel LCD), but I still love this one, too!

I'm glad I have this picture of my #pappaw. Got news he was diagnosed with stage 5 and is in the hospital. I live 8 hours away and I have kids in school. I can't leave, even though I wish I could. #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2013 #weekinthelifemonday #ca
I took this picture of a favorite picture of mine. This is my baby sister (who’s birthday is tomorrow! She turns 24!!) and our Pappaw. He’s in the hospital right now, in the end stages of cancer. I live 8 hours away, and I can’t go see him. It’s killing me that I’m not able to see him. The pain was made worse by a very rude person on nitpicking what I had written. A friend on Plurk had the best response about it:

While there may not be five stages of cancer, there are five stages of grief and while you share your impending loss with your timeline, only a person with 0 stages of empathy would nitpick.

Since I was in the room, it was definitely time to organize where I keep my shoes. It was a honking MESS!!

Ahh! So much better. If you can’t tell, there used to be drawers there. They were constantly falling off the tracks, both of them, so I said “eff it”, and pulled them out. The space is better utilized as a storage place for my shoes. I’m noticing, if you don’t take my flip-flops into account, I only have 3 pairs of brown shoes. The rest are black. Though I do have the two-tone black and grey heels, but still! At least I don’t have to worry about my shoes never matching 😉

I went outside and got the mail. I got some pictures of the lack of clouds. I just loved how this shot turned out. The bottom right corner is actually the SUN!

I knew that Tuesday I was going to want some iced coffee (made in my wonderful Keurig). Well, my husband uses the ice cubes each morning for his water jug (heat indexes in the triple digits and the like, and he has a 10-hour walking route (that he didn’t make), so he NEEDS the water!), and they don’t freeze in an hour. So, I used a wonderful silicone ice cube tray that I got from PopSugar. I just love these cubes! It’s like THREE “normal” sized cubes in one!

I had ramen for lunch. It gave me the worst heartburn, and that’s after half of it fell into the sink as I was trying to drain some of the water out. sad face I was watching a Let’s Play video by Llandros09 on YouTube, and was editing videos. If you like Let’s Plays, his is truly ones of the best to watch.

My day, easily explained #laundry #organized #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2013 #weekinthelifemonday
Seriously, this was all that my day really consisted of. I did some reorganizing, and I got a couple tubs out of the hallway and into the closet. But all I really did was LAUNDRY. I hate LAUNDRY!

I had a craving. They were in my fridge. So, I made them. The bottom burned though. The bottom always burns. I hate this oven! 😆

This is what happens when I try to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror. I need to get one for over my longer dresser in the bedroom. It came with one, but it destroyed itself because of the crappy way it was made (who puts a huge mirror on PARTICLE board?).

I love the smell and feel of my robe after it’s been cleaned, straight from the dryer. Yummy! and SO SOFT!

#waiting on the bus #daily #routine #cy365 #captureyour365 #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2013 #weekinthelifemonday
Waiting for the kids to get off the bus. It was not a nice feeling outside, because even the wind was hot and sticky!

My dork, after she got home. I love her!

Homework time! She came in and went “I have a buttload of homework.” and just went to work!

This one hemmed and hawwed, and whined some more.

She enjoyed her cinnamon roll. At least the icing, 😆

He ate his, and then ate some Malt O’Meal version of Fruit Loops. That were from breakfast. And stale. Eww!

Part of dinner. Found out I was missing things so I couldn’t make it like I wanted, so no final product picture

Josh watched MNF. At least the Redskins-Eagles game. He wasn’t happy that they lost. I left at halftime because he kept interrupting the things I was working on.

_MG_5307He was on the computer, finding things online going “did you see this?” “You should read this.” over and over.

_MG_5312This was totally my reaction. So, like I said, I escaped!

These were waiting for me in the bedroom, so it was totally and completely worth hiding in the bedroom 😉

Josh had to pick up deodorant, so he grabbed me this as well. This is seriously my favorite flavor. Basically, if “pomegranate” is in the flavor, I’m going to love it.

UntitledI’m loving seeing that emptiness in the hallway! Empty baskets! Empty hampers! YAY!

When I finally went to bed. Or attempted. I don’t remember if it was immediate, or if it took a bit. All I know is that I don’t think I woke up once!


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