Week 34


Week 34 layout is all finished and ready to share. I had fun with this !

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Here are some other pictures that didn’t make it into the layout but still show how the week went 😀

Not perfect but tastes good #cheesecake #chocolatechips #baked #ibaked #delicious #notforbreakfast
Chocolate chip cheesecake. It was pretty good!

Slept SO hard last night. I need a pick me up. #starbucks #doubleshot #vanilla
Supposedly, this made a good breakfast (with the cheesecake)

This is why I watch @wibw exclusively... They use social media the best. They're more in touch.
is awesome. It’s our local news station, very big on social media (all of their reporters have Facebooks, etc), and they’re now on Instagram 😀

#weather #instaweather #instaweatherpro #androidonly #androidnesia #instagood #Topeka #United States
The kids before school 😀

Who's up for some fudge?
I made some fudge. First batch was AWESOME. Second batch was a failure! Going to make some more today, hopefully!

I love these two little brats 😀

Madi was happy she found the doggie!

I’m thinking of doing this more often, with showing other pictures since I’m so not going to catch up on Project Life (I plan on restarting it next year, and doing it, maybe, instead of , though I’ll also be doing , just not scrapping it or something).


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