To Do or Not to Do

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Original version of current corporate logo, used from 1996 through 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Josh and I have been talking about going from Cox to U-verse. Cox is continually getting worse and worse. The internet is getting slower, and the television is constantly becoming unreliable. If we did, we’d have to rearrange the living room, including a new TV stand for corner, simply because of how and where the jacks for the U-verse series would be at.

My parents recently got U-verse, and it’s been speedy fast, and reliable. I need that. I’m tired of the internet being so slow that a 3-minute video takes 15 minutes to upload.

Well, we’re not going to make the decision right now. We probably won’t switch but at least I know that we have options. A few years ago, we didn’t. AT&T DSL is so not worth the cost, but U-verse is definitely more reliable.


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