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Sleep Well

Sleep is hard with kids in the bedSleep is becoming an enigma to me. It’s something that I’m not sure I will ever see the end of. I just want to sleep through the night, without waking up. It’s not even a parent thing. It’s a Sarah-thing. This person here (aka ME) has never slept straight through the night, at least not without the help of a sleep aid (and I am not endorsing any sleep aids). I am in desperate need of a nice long, well-deserved rest.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. I’m just in constant pain. Or something is falling asleep. I have a foam memory pillow, and I’d love to have it as a mattress but the prices are too much for me. Josh found a side pillow that sounds like it might work well for me. We’ll see on that. I’m not even sure.

I’m hoping to get one or something similar and see how I sleep after that. At some point, I need to get a nice long good sleep. Something deep, relaxing and helpful. We’ll see when, and if, that ever actually happens.

I will say that lately, though, that since I started working out (Cardio Kickstart by EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii, I have been sleeping a lot better. I haven’t had a need for a Advil PM since I started. It’s pretty nice.

Work-Out Schedule [which helps with sleep]:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 15-20 minutes of Cardio Kickstart
  • Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: “break” though I’m trying to find the right work-out that doesn’t hurt me too much the next day.

Some Good News!

The best news, though, even though I’m not sleeping the best, I’m not waking up super cranky. I’m actually seeming to be in a pretty good mood. It’s weird, but it’s really true. So, though it’s not straight through the night, I’m at least getting some good rest!

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