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A Glimpse at Myself


Yesterday was a bad day. I woke up on the edge of the nerves and the day just got worse.

I ended up having a nice heart-to-heart with my daughter after an explosion, which was good, I guess, but I still hate that it came to that point.

Today, though, it was a complete reversal of yesterday. Which is what is frustrating about dealing with bi-polar, or whatever the hell it is that I have. I was diagnosed at 15 with it, given meds. Those meds made me a statistic. Meaning, at 15, I attempted suicide. I haven’t been on meds for it since. I’m thankful I’m not on meds, but if I got more regular sleep, I think I’d be a lot happier all around.

This week, I also started up EA Active 2. Today was my “day off”. I’m wanting to try and do the “Warrior Dash” next year. So, I’m working on getting in shape. Before I start attempting From Couch to 5k, I want to be able to do the cardio challenge on EA Active 2 on Medium all the way through. I’m starting with Easy.

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