My Past Few Weeks

I’ve been quiet. Really quiet. On the blog at least.

I stopped the daily vlogging. I’ll be making more videos, once I find the Firewire cord for the tower, if it fits. Old tower did. We’ll see. This doesn’t have that ability. I have four 3.0 ports but no Firewire. None of the ones I looked at had them. I’m searching for that ability so I can use the REALLY NICE camera. Suggestions. The camera we have HAS a USB connection but it doesn’t work that way. Uses mini-DVs. Yeah, I want to upgrade but we just upgraded the laptop, so unless someone gives us the money for it, it’s not going to happen.

We’re doing Science Fair Projects. And … this one failed. Oh well!

Loins, of different sorts, are being consumed. Seriously, we’re enjoying the juicier, fun cuts of meat πŸ˜€

I so wore a tank top
We’re doing some STRANGE here. One day, mid-50s. Then chance of snow. Yeah, it’s nutso!

Kids have been going outside and playing with the kids. Since one neighbor and her seriously messed up kid moved, it’s been super quiet, minus the Mental Health Unit (and that’s a very apt description).

I took on a new project πŸ˜€ I’m doing a craft swap, and I’m not saying who this is for, but I’m loving what I’m coming up with!

Springtime in Kansas … I get the pretty clouds!

Oh, and I dyed my hair! I went “Honeydip”, which is a dark medium blonde or something like that. It went more red than I expected, but I am LOVING it! Brand is Nutrisse, and my Triple Nutrition shampoo/conditioner shampoo is the same stuff that it uses for after-care, so WOOT for happy hair!


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