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Happy Easter


The kids with the neighbor’s kids. The Blue Shirt Boy is in Madi’s grade [in her class last year]. The two not looking are the same age 😀 Yes, one of the not looking is Ethan 😆 Then they had an Easter Hunt with our downstairs neighbor.

Now, I’m going to go back to writing the newsletter for Gingerscraps.

Oh Yum!

I'm developing a thing for dwarves.

I saw The Hobbit in theater. Not 3D. I couldn’t do the change in FPS, but I loved the movie. The dwarves sucked me in.

Thorin, Fili, and Kili.

Yum times 3. Like seriously.

Who’s with me?

Also, in unrelated news:

I figured out how to print from my phone to my printer. YAY!But my HD will not connect to the router. So, I need to either find a new external, or find another way of being able to use the current one.

Um, Spring?


We have white stuff falling.

3-6 inches of the stuff expected.

So …

where’s spring?

Hey There

077/366 [2012] - Little Boy and His Dream

077/366 [2012] – Little Boy and His Dream (Photo credit: Sarah @ TM2TS)

Josh is asking me to ask my parents for wrenches and things to do the oil changes on the car. I’m not sure if he needs Reid Supply clamps, but I guess it’s worth a look. I’m not really sure exactly what he needs, though. He needs something in a different size.

Something, something, something.

Seriously, that was about all that I understand is that it involves tools, so it’s something he should be talking to my dad about … not me.

Yeah, I said it. I’m tool-stupid. I know how to use most of them, but I don’t always know the name.

And despite how my brother seems to view me, while I might be book-smart, I do know how to use tools. I also know how to use a thing called Google. If you can spell, you can find most anything that you need.

4 Videos Edited!

I really fell behind in editing videos. Headaches and prepping for Girl Scout camping at Camp Tongawood really backed me up! But I had some fun picking and choosing pieces of clips for at least Saturday’s video! I did the same with Sunday’s! Having SO much fun playing with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum

I love that I was able to go outside and play with the laptop. Not going to be happening this week, that’s for sure!
I forgot to take clips on this day :O Josh was off. That’s my excuse!

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