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Oh, That’s Just Lovely!

Face full of snow

Face full of snow (Photo credit: Sarah @ TM2TS)

Detailed Forecast

Computer models continue to move the center of the storm farther Southeast, meaning colder air will stay in place, and thus we have nudged up the expected snow totals.
Today – Sunny but Cold. Highs 35-39. Winds NW 10-15mph. Wind chills in the 10s and 20s.
Tonight – Clear and very cold. Lows 9-13. Winds NE 5-10mph.
Wednesday – Increasing clouds, cold. Snow/sleet mixture arriving after sunset. Highs 34-38. Winds E 10-20mph.
Thursday – Heavy snow for areas North of I-70, 10-15″ of snow possible. A mix of heavy sleet and snow along the I-70 corridor from Lawrence to Manhattan and also along the Turnpike, 5-10″ of snow/sleet possible. Snow, sleet, freezing rain along and South of I-35, with 2-5 inches of snow/sleet accumulation and up to 0.25″ of ice possible.
Friday – Sunny but cold. Highs in the upper 20s to low 30s.
Another winter storm system will be possible Sunday into Monday of next week.
Have a great day!
Drew Switzer

That’s the weather report from my local news station.

We’re JUST NORTH of I-70. I’m not looking forward to this storm at all. Like, at all.

I’m glad we’re getting some moisture. We saw too many dried up ponds on Sunday, but, ugh, I could do without the ice that’s coming first.

This is making me very thankful for my SUV though. I’m thankful that we have the ability to afford two vehicles, and that Josh has a secondary mode of transportation that will get him, mostly, through snow.

I’m also thankful that I won’t be driving in it, unless forced. I have driven in snow twice. TWICE in my lifetime. I’ve been driving since I was 18, and I’m 31 now, so, you can figure it out. Then again, I did drive for 3 years or so in Florida, so that might make a difference too 😉