Daily Archives: 16 February, 2013

I Just Gotta Say

We <3 Students Who <3 Reading

We <3 Students Who <3 Reading (Photo credit: Enokson)

I’m not that smart. I don’t understand what eon code means. I’m ballsy enough to admit that. I’m cool with admitting that.

I’m smart enough to know that I don’t want to live any closer to the drama llamas that is my family. Like all of it.

Someone’s always having some sort of crisis, and damn it, I’ve had enough of it. They’re all old enough. They should know better.

Also, y’all went to freaking school. I know the graduation requirements. You were taught how to spell, which versions of homophones and homonyms that you’re supposed to use. Hell, I’m pretty sure you learned about capitalization in elementary school. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! USE IT!!