Weekly Winners: Jan 20-26, 2013

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Canon PowerShot A3400 IS, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. Project 365 pictures can be found in this set.

Oh, this week was pretty good, and pretty bad, 😆
Monday, Josh was off for MLK Day, and well, we all got something that we wanted that day. My biggest purchase was less than $100, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I haven’t named her yet, but she’s currently wearing a Daisy Vest 😀 She looks adorable. It’s my new camera: A A3400 IS. I am SO in love with it!
The bad is that I ended up REALLY sick Thursday night/Friday morning. IBS really kicked my ass and I’m still attempting to recover from that!
The best news is that we have filed our taxes. I can now get TEXT updates on the status, which is freaking BAD ASS, IMO!

Ethan, at the Pinewood Derby. He was super nervous. He wasn’t sure how he was going to do!

If you can’t tell by that face, he was SO DAMN PROUD to win FIRST for his DEN!! He was FOURTH overall (out of 26 cars, I think there were?), and he missed THIRD by 0.008 of a SECOND! Hell yeah, buddy! We’re so PROUD of you!

Afterwards, Jesse came over to check out Ethan’s new trophy, and his new addition, that he got with the gift cards he got for coming in SIXTH overall for top popcorn sales. Um, yeah, hell yeah!

Monday was “Oh, we’re going to be out ALL DAY” day. We left the apartment at 10am. We went to Toys R Us, Target, Best Buy [squee], and before we went to the theater to see THE HOBBIT!

My bathroom selfie! I haven’t done one of those in awhile. I just realized that my glasses match my phone case, which is rubber. Thick rubber [which is good considering I’ve dropped my phone multiple times!]

021/365 [2013] - Equal(s)
This is one of the first shots I took with my new camera. I just love this shot of Josh and I. I also think it’s quite funny that my hair is shorter than Josh’s, 😆

Hey look, it’s my bathroom! 😀

I took this Tuesday afternoon, as I’m picking the kids up from the bus. I’m blinded every single afternoon when I exit my apartment, and this is why.

snort This is my normal face. And, oh good lord, I need to start doing dishes more regularly, XD

Another “Sarah” shot. Seriously, 90% of the shots taken with the camera up until Saturday were these kinds of shots. LOL! I’m figuring out the angles for vlogs, and well, that’s the best way to do it!

I also did my nails!! Zoya Daul, Suri, and Anja are the colors I recently purchased. $10 for shipping, FREE for the bottles! Thanks, Zoya!

Oh, and I bought two pairs of skinny jeans. The black ones, I grabbed a size smaller. Oh yeah, that was a serious ego boost. The No Boundaries [blue], I grabbed in a larger size [I tried on 7 & 9, knowing No Boundaries is made smaller], and I spent all of Saturday hiking them back up. But I know if I’d bought the 7, I wouldn’t have been able to fasten them!

024/365 [2013] - Cold
I re-colored my hair. The color is Sangria, by Garnier Nutrisse. I always choose that brand!

Girl Scout Saturday
GIRL SCOUT SATURDAY. Tricia was explaining how to make Valentine’s Day trees, and Becky was dishing out the frosting.

Girl Scout Saturday
She was laughing at me. I was trying to take a picture of her, and the camera kept going “No flash” instead of taking a picture.

Girl Scout Saturday
I’m just cracking at Tricia’s face. Avery’s is adorable too!

Got the #Spotify open, #PSE ready, and it's time to scrap! #digiscrap  Also, I can't wait to be doing this on a new laptop! #taxmonies
I got a new app: InstaWeather! I love being able to add the weather to things! Will SERIOUSLY come in handy for those scalding hot days where it doesn’t look so hot, 😆

AND … the first video EVER taken with the new baby:


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