Weekly Winners: Jan. 13-19, 2013

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. Project 365 pictures can be found in this set.

The flu. It came back. With a vengeance.
I also got some make-up. Just some 😀

Perfect #circle of #coffee #FMSPhotoADay
Coffee is seriously becoming a staple in my life. I don’t drink it everyday but I love it!

This thing got used a lot this week!

I also had a few baths. I have a love of baths, and I sleep so dang better

Make-up done, again 😀

was the Star Student for the week, and she got to enjoy TWO days of it!

I bought new brushes. The ecotools ones I really like. They’re super soft! EcoTools BAMBOO 6-pc Makeup Brush Set 1206 and EcoTools 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set, if you’re curious.

I got two new primers for my face [Sheer Envy Primers Illuminating and Sheer Envy Primers Perfecting], one for my eyelashes [1000 Lashes fiberized LASH PRIMER], and then tried a new mascara [Big Curls Don’t Cry Waterproof & Tear Proof]. All four by Hard Candy. The mascara claimed to be waterproof but it took FOREVER to dry.

016/365 [2013] - Jumbled
I made waffles for brunch for Madison and I. Three times this week I’ve made waffles actually.

Sick Day Pictures
Sick girl enjoyed the privilege of being able to play the DS. She got a little cocky with it, though, and now can’t play any video games until February.

#ready for a #Castle marathon #FMSPhotoADay
I had a Castle marathon. Castle: The Complete First Season. Finished in just a few hours. Yeah, I enjoyed it!

018/365 [2013] - Doorway
Friday, Madison was able to go back to school! YAY!

Josh picked up North & South: The Complete Collection at Walmart. He grew up with his parents watching it, and he knows that I really do love to read and watch things about that time period. It’s not because of the fighting, but because of the stories of blues and grays crossing lines to save their fellow man. I love that!

I ended up buying MORE make-up. I bought two more glosses and a new mascara. I love the Lashblast series by Covergirl, and I’ve been hearing good things about this Clump Crusher version. Let me tell you! It freaking ROCKS! It’s awesome!!


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