I’m a Reading Nut

206/366 [2012] - Kendall the Kindle Fire

Kendall the

It’s been suggested to me that I look into how to find online audio , and well, I’ll be honest. I prefer to read the myself.

I don’t know. I like imagining the characters’ voices in my head. I like envisioning how the look, how they sound, how they feel. It’s just something that makes the book come more alive to me. I just can’t get enough of it.

I’m a book nerd. I’ll admit it. Maybe a book snob. I have a Kindle Fire for one reason: I’ve run out of room for actual books. And my back can’t take carrying around so many!


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2 responses to “I’m a Reading Nut

  1. I love my Kindle for out of the house reading or I’m so tired I’ll drop a book on my face reading, but I still prefer a real paper and ink book anytime!
    Karin recently posted..TT13 – My Pets Are Out To Get MeMy Profile

    • I love paper and ink books, but I re-read SO often that I’m having to replace them sometimes, and well, you can’t do that with all of them 😉

      I read at night because back-light on the Kindle is just perfect and I don’t have to leave a light on and disturb Josh.
      Sarah recently posted..Castle MarathonMy Profile