I Feel Special

I wrote a forum post, requesting P365 and Project Life like templates. Rachel, of Pretty in Green [whom I CT for], commented on my laundry picture that she needed to do that, but she had to finish working on a set of templates that she thought I’d like. I seriously got all giddy. I turned to Josh and went “Rachel’s making me templates! Rachel’s making me templates!” Yeah, I was SUPER excited!

Then she does a FB update:
Pretty Girls check the CT Forum I added something fun to play with!

Oh yeah! I got excited! I was greeted with this image:
Oh, this little girl inside of me squealed. I had to forcibly CLOSE Firefox so I’d go to sleep because I kept coming back to the post and squealing. Yeah, seriously! I’m a dork.

So, I went to work, and made a layout. I’m a good CT and all that, even though I’m not done with the first week of P365 or Project Life.

Kit is Project 2013 January by Connie Prince.

Rachel did a SMASHING good job with this series.

Then she comments that she wants to do a set with straight corners. Okay, I’m good with that 😉


Oh! LOVE! Seriously [yeah, I say seriously THAT much… seriously]. Basically, it became “Photoshop Elements, I’m getting into you.”

My Project Life cover page. This year, I’m hoping to STAY on top of it all, and to print! PRINT!
Kit that I used is 525,600 Minutes by Connie Prince

Connie showcased a BEAUTIFUL grab bag for the CT, because she’s so awesome, and I’m like “OH! I can use Rachel’s templates on that too!!”

Pixelily Designs also had a new series come out, called Let’s Start New. My favorite part has to be the Let’s Start New : Cut Out Wordbits. I forsee those ending up on a LOT of my Project Life layouts and things!

The designers REALLY went awesomely awesome on the Project Life & Project 365 related stuff! You’ll have to check that section of the store, and make sure you check out the challenges! You can earn free stuff!




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  1. OK. I need to get on my scrapbooking. Your pages are so cute!

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