My Plans for 2013: Vlogging

My plans for 2013, via vlogging. I’ll do a textual breakdown as well, since I rambled on for like TWENTY MINUTES. That’s just insane!

  • One Week: Lazy Homemaker
    I’ll vlog about a product, tip, or trick, that makes cleaning/whatever easier.
  • One Week: A Day in the Life
    I was inspired by KatersOneSeven on YouTube for this.
  • Let’s Play
    I have several computer games that I play regularly, and well, I should do SOMETHING with them, right? Inspired by TheQuxxn on YouTube for this as well 😀
  • Digital Scrapbooking tutorials
    Considering I’m doing Project 365 and Project Life this year, I figured this would be something that someone might find helpful. I’ll be doing tutorials using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, though I will do a tutorial, I think, on how I use Adobe Bridge that came with Photoshop CS5 for editing my RAW files.
  • For months that have 5 weeks (ending after a Wednesday), I’ll have a RANDOM week. It’ll be, who knows.

I’ll still be doing my Influenster, BzzAgent, and IPSY stuff, but those will be “unscheduled” vlogs.

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