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The floor vomited #FMSPhotoADay via sarahcb1208

The floor vomited #FMSPhotoADay via sarahcb1208

“They’re going to sell your pictures, without your permission.”

That’s what I’m reading lately. The irony is A) They’re not SELLING your picutres and B) they’re not doing it without your permission. You read the TOU/TOS. Congrats, there’s a line in there that says they can change the TOU/TOS. Also, C) They’re letting you know … almost a month in advance.

Okay, here’s the dealio: I’m of the belief of if you don’t want it stolen, used without permission, or anything like that, NEVER SHARE IT ONLINE. It’s going to get stolen, used, etc. Over and over. How the heck do you think memes actually get started?

Seriously, y’all through a big snit over Facebook changing it’s TOS, and threatened to delete all your accounts. Hi, I still see you on Facebook, so that was a joke. But feel free to delete yourself from Instagram. Bye!

Yeah, I’m a bit of a bitch with this, but seriously, I don’t see the point of the panic and freak-out. I see bigger things to worry about in this world, more so than wondering if Instagram is going to use the picture of the floor vomiting to sell laundry soap.

And BIG wake-up call: have you SEEN the size that these pictures save at? You really can’t do much with them, without it getting ugly pixelation going on. So, chill out, calm down, and take a deep breath.



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  1. Actually, the part I have issue with (and I will admit that I only know what I’ve seen on social media which isn’t always the best info source) is that they can sell your photos but you cannot. Not that I’m worried that anyone will be using my crappy pics – but if you set up, take and publish the photo why shouldn’t you be able to sell them? And how will they go about selling them? Will you be notified? Get credited as the photographer? Or will it be a complete behind your back deal with all money and credit going to Instagram? Or any of the other sites. I don’t use it much and I don’t take pics worth buying so I haven’t looked into it. I don’t particularly care that much. But they’re valid questions (which I have looked for answers for). I had asked you about it because I know you take good pics and was wondering what someone who might be affected by it might think, that’s all.
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    • They’ve updated what they “plan” to do (aka, internet freaked out, lots of accounts deleted, and they changed their tune, or at least fixed what they’d meant)