I’m Just Gonna Whine

On nom nom via sarahcb1208Ugh! Something I ate didn’t agree with my angry digestive system. This morning and last night was not a happy camper. I took some Imodium, and I felt so much better, and now, I’m seriously gassy. Like painfully gassy. It really hurts. I took some Gas-X, and I think it’s related to the soup that I had for lunch. The major downside to being short-wasted is that there is nowhere for the gas to go. It hurts. SO MUCH. I hate it.

In other news, Josh goes back to work tomorrow. I’m ready to see him off to work, but I’m also enjoying the time with him home. It has been super nice.

And EWW! He opened the door, and holy crap! The smokers are out in droves around our apartment. It’s just really freaking gross. Just gross. I hate the smell of cigarettes. The smell hangs, and it’s just gross. Just absolutely gross.

Now I have the hiccups. Seriously. Life just sucks for me right now.

Pity the big baby.


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  1. Julie Downing

    Poor Sarah, it will greet better. *hugs*