Taken by Halli
Taken by Halli (Photo credit: TM2TS)

There was a glare in her eyes. She wasn’t going to have any of it. She was smarter than they gave her credit for.
“Please, Miss, just let us help you.” The proprietor of the shop was nervously rubbing his hands together, his distress more than obvious.
“I do not need your help,” she told the man, her southern accent becoming more and more pronounced.
“Miss, just let the good man help you,” he told her, again, nodding at the plain-clothed officer standing with them.
She looked at the man, both of them, with disgust. “Whatever. I don’t need you.”

100-Word-Challenge-e1336331143993Submitted to the 100 Word Challenge, a writing prompt created by Velvet Verbosity. This weekโ€™s theme is โ€˜Whatever.โ€™


12 thoughts on “Whatever…”

  1. I wonder what the issue is, why the cop is there, what the problem is. It’s hard to connect to the story without some clue as to what’s actually going on.

    1. I’m not trying to make a whole story out of 100-words. For me, I use the prompt as a way of getting some writing going. Maybe it’ll blossom into more, maybe it won’t.

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